The Nairobi traffic looks hectic and I have the privilege to watch people scramble for the limited seats in a ‘manyanga’. I’m seated on a balcony of a posh hotel at a hidden space in the CBD waiting for Mike. He was supposed to meet me at 5:00 pm and am agitated because he is 4 minutes late. Breathe woman. Breathe.

My view, diversity! People of different sex, color, race, lifestyle and one thing that amuses me is the level of people minding their business. A very rare trait. Maybe I should just order the cheapest drink in here. Water please! Also, I prefer a glass instead of bottled. The environment. You know?

It’s 6 minutes past and I am getting impatient. I have been anticipating for this since the last time I saw him. We always get into it but today there are a few things he needs to hear. I want it done differently, with passion, boldly and if I can’t be fierce enough, then maybe we can hire a model. Am really excited.

What do you guys think about public toilets? I can spot one next to a space full of young kids on skate boards playing their lives. What a time to be alive! My thoughts on the toilets? The color choice is perfect. Lol, you cannot miss them.

8 minutes! A whole 480 seconds? Phone call:

Mike: Hey, am alighting. My cab driver is reversing, I’ll be right up.


Mike finally gets in with a package which¬† looked bigger than usual. He had been bragging about working extra hard on the new merchandise but I didn’t expect that big of a difference. I was really excited because that day would mark the beginning of a life – A baby-

“Next time keep time and don’t allow the cab driver to reverse at the expense of your time. Now go ahead and deliver those babies!” It was late, my turn to scramble for a bus.